General FAQs

Can you book airfares?

We can help book your international and local flights to Tanzania. Contact us for flight information and prices.

Can I get a visa in Tanzania?

Yes, you can get a visa at major airports and at border crossings, but try to get one ahead of time to make your entry into the country as easy as possible.

Do you customize a tour?

Yes, just let us know what’s in your mind and we will put all together for you!

Can we leave excess luggage behind while on safari or Kilimanjaro?

Extra luggage can be stored in a locked storage room at your Moshi hotel at no charge. Valuables should be left in a safe deposit box at your hotel in Moshi ($1/day)

I am a solo (single) traveler, how can I join your tour?

We can add solo travelers to a group, or we can arrange a private trip for you. Kindly contact us for available group to join.

Do you accommodate people with dietary restrictions?

Vegetarian and other special diets can be accommodated. Please let us know ahead of time. Protein options may be minimal on a vegetarian diet, so you may want to bring protein supplements.

How soon do I have to book your tour?

We recommend booking your trip as soon as possible. Lodges and tented camps on safari are booked quickly, so we need to reserve those before they fill up. However, sometimes we do have space last minute as well.

What immunizations / shots are required?

  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus
  • Polio
  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • Meningococcal Meningitis (Africa/Asia)

How much money do I need?

Budget a minimum of $200/person for tips for Kilimanjaro, $25-30/day for expenses and tips on safari, and $20/day for other expenses in Arusha/Moshi.

Do your Tanzania trips include any transfer for those arriving in Nairobi, Kenya?

No, but we can schedule transfer from Nairobi either by land or air for an additional charge.

What is there to do in Moshi? Is it safe to walk around on my own?

Expect 1 guide per 2 hikers, 1 assistant guide per 3 hikers, and 1 cook per 8 hikers. Porters as follows:

  • 2 porters per hiker on the 5-day Marangu Route and Mt. Meru (minimum of 4 porters)
  • 3 porters per hiker on a 6 or 7-day trek (minimum of 5 porters)
  • 4 porters per hiker on the 8-day Lemosho Route (minimum of porters)
  • Sometimes extra porters are required based on the weight of the luggage.

Can I get to Zanzibar after my safari/trek? Can you arrange that?

We can book your flights to Zanzibar from Kilimanjaro and your Zanzibar hotels.

All payment s by wire transfer to our account.